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Ciudad Juárez, MX
1,185 miles
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what is this about?

In 2019, I will travel with five friends to visit their hometowns

A little about me:

I was born and raised in Ciudad Juárez, México which sits just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. In this desert landscape, I learned everything that feels like home, a fusion of languages, foods, traditions and the complexities of continually moving between borders.

I decided to move to San Francisco in January 2015, and since then, I've made close friendships with people who are transplants like myself. I've always loved listening to their stories of what was like to grow up in their hometowns, so different and distant from mine. Their stories carry the same nostalgia I feel when I think back about my own childhood and the places that bring me comfort and the feeling of familiarity.

I will celebrate five years of living in the Bay area at the end of 2019 and will hopefully become an American citizen. These trips will take me all over the country as I experience my best friend's formative environments. From sunny Florida to the vast plains of Iowa, these are the American towns that don't get to be in sitcoms and blockbuster films but instead are the home of hundreds of moments of people like you and me.

See ya on the road ✌🏼