Software Engineer
The great outdoors, VR headsets, finding the most efficient way to do anything.
My go to friend for
Denton, Texas
1,743 miles
distance from bay area
How did we meet?

Stephen is one of my oldest friends in San Francisco and we’ve been working together for over 4 years. We met at our company’s new year party, right before my first day of work. We started chatting and instantly bonded over, you guessed it, Texas.We might not see eye to eye on a lot of things but when it comes to defending Whataburger as the supreme burger joint and their spicy ketchup as a national treasure we are both on the same page.

He’s an avid climber and loves the outdoors. He took me on my first serious camping trip and taught me how to put together a tent in I’ve seen him make his way up boulders and rock walls taller than I’d ever feel comfortable even being near to. Stephen is a researcher and a problem solver wherever he goes and I can confidently say that one of his biggest accomplishments includes engineering and building a gingerbread version of El Capitán.

visit scheduled for

Fall 2019