Intern at a Non-Profit
Social Justice, The Bachelor, Ranting, Poetry
My go to friend for
Fabius, New York
1,867 miles
distance from bay area
How did we meet?

I met Caroline at work in 2017. She had recently graduated college and had joined as an office manager. Everyone who met during her interviews told me we’d for sure be friends. We’re both loud, irreverent and wear our hearts in our sleeve. The first time we actually got to know each other was having a long and deep conversation while preparing merchandise for an internal event. We talked about life, struggles, relationships, feminism and her love for writing.

Talking to Caroline is guaranteed laughter and I think it has to do with her East Coast frankness. Like a good writer, she’s quite observant of the characters that surround her and can point them out in poignant ways. She’s not afraid of difficult conversations because she’s passionate about social justice and about standing up for others. Although I don’t get to work with her every day anymore I’m always rooting for her empowering others to be kinder to one another.

visit scheduled for

December 2019