Software Engineer
Pajama Parties, Birthday Parties, House Parties, Cats
My go to friend for
Hampton Roads, VA
2,947 miles
distance from bay area
How did we meet?

I met John on Thanksgiving day of 2017. A few of us had stayed in San Francisco for the holidays and Alex decided to throw an impromptu Friendsgiving at his place. John was there and he’d just moved from Virginia to work with us. I showed up to dinner with mashed potatoes and he had brought a fancy 5-cheese Mac and Cheese. We all ate until breathing was difficult and laughed watching YouTube videos until very late at night.

John is the kind of guy who will entertain your craziest ideas. Impromptu trip to Disneyland? Sign him up. Run a Santa themed 10k with possibility of rain? Sure. Dye your hair green on a whim? On Brand.People flock to his apartment parties because he’s a great host and makes everyone feel cozy and cool. I’ve spent 8 hours in his apartment in pajamas and would 10/10 do again.

Visit scheduled for

Fall 2019